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Problems easily encountered in plastic mold molding and processing

Release time:2021-07-26

Plastic mold moldingIt has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, less cutting, saving energy and raw materials, and low cost. However, due to the complex molding process of plastic mold, many problems will be encountered

1. Huge size and weight

How to deal with its huge size and weight is a major challenge faced by plastic mold factories in processing large plastic molding molds. Large plastic mold molding processing often requires a lot of manpower, special equipment and many times of debugging and clamping. Due to various potential factors, the processing accuracy of plastic mold molding is difficult to guarantee.

2. Expensive purchase cost

The cost of professional processing equipment is directly related to the processing and production of various large-scale plastic mold molding. Machine tools that can manufacture large plastic molding molds are very expensive, especially the arrangement of complex processing technology, which requires many machine tools to complete the whole process from rough machining to finish machining. This high input cost is also an obstacle for many enterprises to enter this market. It can be seen from this that if the rough and fine machining of large modulus can be realized on a suitable machine tool, and even only one debugging and clamping is required, many problems can be easily solved, and the processing accuracy of plastic mold molding can also be guaranteed.

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