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Reasons for unstable injection color of security camera shell

Release time:2022-02-21

At present, some cooperative customers are making security camera shell products. Some customers say that the injection color is unstable when the security camera shell is injected. Why? Cause analysis of unstable injection color of security camera shell.

Now, the application of plastic shell has been widely used. In daily life, we are all very common. For example, the security camera shell and intelligent floor sweeper we usually use are all plastic, but when processing plastic, the color instability is a very common problem.


1. The temperature of the injection molding machine should be checked first. The unstable color is related to the temperature of the injection molding machine, so when processing the plastic shell, it must be checked first.

2. Sometimes the back pressure is adjusted too much, the production cycle is unstable, and the color will change when it is turned on and off.

3. The mixer did not mix the toner and raw materials according to the mixing process. For example, due to insufficient time, the feeding method or feeding sequence were inconsistent, and the color distribution was uneven, which was also one of the reasons for the color instability. Therefore, when processing plastic shells, inspection is also very important.

4. Because the humidity of raw materials is too high, the viscosity inside has not spread, which will eventually lead to the instability of plastic processing color.

5. The length of nozzle material recovery has a great impact on light color injection parts.

6. The grades of raw materials are inconsistent. Because the background color of each raw material is different, the color of the injection part of the same toner will also be different. Sometimes, there will be some deviation in the background color of raw materials of different batches from the same supplier, so for products with high color difference requirements, it is even necessary to control whether the background color of each batch of incoming materials is consistent.

7. Poor toner quality, poor heat resistance, or inappropriate toner of this raw material will make the color unstable.

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